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Exceptional ideas on how to choose garage door openers, remote controls and even new garage doors

Check whether motor horsepower suffices

If you don't have any idea about the capacities of your garage door opener and its motor, it's best to learn more about it and start by checking its horsepower. This is the center power point of the opener and the determinant of the door's speed. It's good to know, especially if you replace the existing garage door.

Take care of fasteners

The fasteners of every garage door might be small in size but have tremendous impact on the movement of the door and its stability. By fasteners we mean all the screws, bolts, hooks and nuts. They must all be free of rust, well-tightened and lubricated. Otherwise, the door will produce vibrations as it moves and won't be safe.

How to identify misaligned garage door tracks

The first obvious sign is a mismatch in balancing. You can also use a Level tool in order to identify the precise distance by which one of the sides is out. With time, the screws can loosen and shift the tracks in subtle distances. Always ensure that they are perpendicular to the door.

How to avoid a home invasion through your garage

If you use a remote control to gain access to your garage, purchase a key chain remote. This will enable you to keep it on you at all times. It is vital not to leave your remote (or keys) in your car, and keep it on you and away from children.

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