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Is it possible to avoid accidents altogether?

Everything is possible if you are careful and follow some rules. Besides, garage doors do not collapse out of the blue. Start by making sure it's installed properly. Avoid interfering with garage door repairs. Make sure the springs are replaced before they are worn. Test and adjust the sensors and avoid standing under the door.

How can I ensure the torsion spring won't snap?

Unless you have a car accident in the garage or you let the torsion garage door springs grow very, very old, you won't have a problem with them. Of course, the torsion spring must be checked and maintained periodically and the bearing plates and brackets keeping it steady against the wall must be tightened.

How do I perform a reversing mechanism test?

When performing a reversing mechanism test, you should open the door fully and place a piece of wood on the floor at the center of the door opening. Then, push your transmitter to close the door. When the door strikes the wood, it should reverse automatically. If it does not, our garage door repair Leonia experts recommend that you should contact us to service the door.

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